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Lynn. But idk you can call me Sang or something else.

Sang's side blog for homestuck reblogging and art stuff.

I have a high affection for leo cat girls, sheep horned ladies, psychoanalysts and dersite hat wearers. I can't get enough of soladia and katnep.

Feel free to suggest characters or ref sheets for assassinstuck even though I'm not sure if I'll even get around to drawing them!


*me pointing at gamzee makara* evil

*fandom large crying voice* no… you don’t understand… he’s not evil………. stop….. he’s being mind controlled… goat dad didnt love him..….. you’re wrong…… you cannot say this fake thing about our precious baby….

*me pointing at gamzee makara* wow what an evil character

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the names of homestuck songs are so beautiful you get ones like

  • Savior of the Waking World
  • Phantasmagoric Waltz
  • Cathedral of the End
  • At the Price of Oblivion
  • Everything is Something to Somebody
  • Clockwork Sorrow
  • Eternity Served Cold

but then you also have

  • Ohgodwhat
  • Heir Conditioning
  • Nic Cage Song
  • Omelette Sandwich
  • Squiddles Happytime Fun Go!
  • Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler’s Water Apocalypse
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