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Lynn. But idk you can call me Sang or something else.

Sang's side blog for homestuck reblogging and art stuff.

I have a high affection for leo cat girls, sheep horned ladies, psychoanalysts and dersite hat wearers. I can't get enough of soladia and katnep.

Feel free to suggest characters or ref sheets for assassinstuck even though I'm not sure if I'll even get around to drawing them!

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If it's not that much of a bother, could you please draw a reference for Assassinstuck Aradia?


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"im not really into homestuck anymore"

mhm. but where yo ass gonna be after the gigaupd8? we all know u gonna be on mspa reading that shit too

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Once ur a homestuck it sticks with u it never goes away like ur gonna be 35 and settled down with a spouse and 2 kids or a pet and the clocks gonna say 4:13 and ur gonna be like fuck

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