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Lynn. But idk you can call me Sang or something else.

Sang's side blog for homestuck reblogging and art stuff.

I have a high affection for leo cat girls, sheep horned ladies, psychoanalysts and dersite hat wearers. I can't get enough of soladia and katnep.

Feel free to suggest characters or ref sheets for assassinstuck even though I'm not sure if I'll even get around to drawing them!

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ill try and draw homestuck again if i have time now that its updating finally and im still homestuck trash

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oh jesus christ

i asked this custom hat-maker for a nepeta hat, using the following picture as a reference


today i got a picture of the finished hat


you were so close

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Horoscope- What ur zodiac sign says about you !


Taurus- Bull horn wimp

Gemini- Other guy

Cancer- Krabkrab

Sagittarius- Smelly horse man

Capricorn- Honk friend

Aquarius- Cape douche

Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces- Tha bitches

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so how about that update ahhhahahaha am i right fellas

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"homestuck fans better not grow up and name their children rose after rose lalonde because I will be PISSED." uh i’m pretty….sure….that has always been a popular girl’s name so…..

"this is my son john :)"
"what the fuck. what the fuck what is this some homestuck shit???? do you think youre funny?? do you think youre clever???? youf ucking disgust me fuck fandoms"

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